Ruger 10/22 Carbine 22 LR Autoloading Rifle with Satin Black Barrel




The Benchmark for 22 LR Autoloading Rifle – Experience the Tradition. The Ruger® 10/22® rifle is America’s favorite 22 LR rifle, with proven performance in a wide range of styles for every rimfire application. Ideally suited for informal target shooting, plinking, small game hunting and action-shooting events, Ruger has sold millions of 10/22 rifles since their introduction in 1964. With its legendary action and renowned reliable rotary magazine, all 10/22 rifles are sleek, perfectly balanced, rugged and superbly accurate. With a variety of choices – from the standard 10/22 Carbine, to the tack-driving accuracy of the Target model, the 10/22 is still today’s most popular 22 rifle. It looks right, feels right, shoots right and continues to perform under heavy use – inspiring the most fanatical loyalty from its owners. With proven design, legendary reliability and the modern features demanded by today’s 22 LR shooters, these firearms are priced right to make keeping tradition affordable.

Few cartridges can rival the .22 Long Rifle’s diversity. There are .22 LR target loads designed for precision accuracy as well as “plinking” ammo designed to keep the cost down. There are several hunting loads and even some .22 LR loads designed specifically for use in modern sporting rifles. There are low-noise loads, sub-sonic loads and even loads with bullets that segment on contact. If you live in a place where lead has been banned, there is no-lead .22 Long Rifle ammo to keep you legal.

There are even shot-shell versions used for pest control. At one time these were popular for shooting aerial targets using a smooth-bore rifle. The mild report and the safety of the low powered cartridge made it a favorite for exhibition shooters as well as plinkers.

22 LR Autoloading Rifle Features
Catalog Number: 10/22-RPF
Model Number: 1151
Caliber: 22 LR
Stock: Black Synthetic
Material: Alloy Steel
Finish: Satin Black
Length of Pull: 13.50“
Front Sight: Gold Beard
Rear Sight: Adjustable
Barrel Length: 18.50“
Overall Length: 37.00“
Weight: 5.00 lbs.
Twist: 1:16“ RH
Grooves: 6


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