American Tactical Milsport 5.56mm AR15 Optics Ready Rifle with MLOK Rail




American Tactical’s 5.56mm AR15 Optics Ready Rifle is affordable and optics ready and built for today’s modern hunter. Modern Sporting Rifles are fast becoming the preferred hunting rifle in the fields across the world. This MIlsport 5.56 Rifle features a 16″ barrel and a MLOK aluminum free float handguard. This handguard readily accepts MLOK accessories. The picatinny mounting platform is designed to fit your preferred optic.

The concept behind the design is to strengthen the weakest part of the AR’s receiver: the rear, where the buffer tube screws into place. This one little section is subject to the highest strain in the entire gun, since this small flap of material needs to keep everything in line as the bolt carrier group is slammed into the buffer and reciprocates as the action cycles.

And speaking of small parts, the threads that hold the buffer tube in place can easily get stripped with enough use. As Cody Wilson found out when he was building his 3D-printed lower receivers, this one area is the easiest to crack or damage if you’re using sub-standard materials. So rather than relying only on the plastic to keep everything together, ATI slipped a small block of metal into that area to reinforce the pillar.

Optics Ready” basically means that the rifle is equipped with a Picatinny top rail system for mounting any variety of standard glass optics, electronic sights, or red dot optics. There will be a smaller front rail section where an open BUIS (Back Up Iron Sight) can be installed by simply screwing one down along with a matching rear pop up BUIS sight.

Features of AR15 Optics Ready Rifle

Manufacturer: American Tactical Imports
Model: Mil-Sport 5.56mm
Item Number: ATIG15MS556ML15
Caliber: 5.56mm
Barrel Length: 16″
Upper & Lower Receiver: Aluminum Forged
Rail: 15″ MLOK Rail
Magazine Capacity: 30-Rounds


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