50 Rounds of 124gr JHP HST 9mm Ammo by Federal Law Enforcement

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If you carry your handgun for self defense, you keep it loaded with good quality, reliable defense ammunition. And if you use defense rounds you know there are a few features you should be looking for; right near the top of that list is the ability to retain weight. Some bullets have issues with weight retention caused by problems like the jacket separating from the core, and some don’t expand properly. Federal’s Premium Law Enforcement HST rounds are made to combat those problems with a pre-skived bullet that expands into tough lead petals which protect the cutting copper petals behind them. Those petals create maximum penetration and the ability to blow through barriers as expected by FBI standards.

These HST rounds are made for your 9mm and are a lightweight 124 grain. Being lighter weight gives them the advantage of greater speed, and they’re still heavy enough to deliver good stopping power. These are Jacketed Hollow Points; they deliver controlled expansion on impact as partially described above, penetrating deeply to create a devastating wound channel and to stop your attacker in their tracks. Each round flies down-range with impressive speed at a muzzle velocity of 1150 feet per second and slams into the target with a muzzle energy of 364 foot-pounds. These defense rounds deliver with superior weight retention and top-of-the-line penetration capabilities, even boring through heavy clothing.

When you place your order for this single box of ammunition from Federal you get 50 defense rounds. Those 50 rounds enable you to keep your gun and spare mags loaded for personal defense, but you should keep in mind the importance of getting range time in with your chosen defense rounds. Defense ammunition has more power than target rounds do, and if you only practice with target rounds you won’t be able to make accurate follow-up shots with your defense rounds. Federal manufactures ammunition at their plant in Anoka, Minnesota, and each round adheres to strict standards. Order extra boxes and put in some practice; what price tag does your life, or the lives of those you love, have?

2 reviews for 50 Rounds of 124gr JHP HST 9mm Ammo by Federal Law Enforcement

  1. Albert

    bought 1000rnds for the range the other weekend and the ammo was amazing ! Not only did it fired amazingly the price is cheap! will repeat buy!

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